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Remote Working Through the COVID-19 Crisis

We are living through an unprecedented public health crisis that has wide reaching impacts for our wellbeing, careers, businesses and the wider economy. Many of us, including the Team at IComm, are now predominately working from home and this will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. This, like many changes can be hard on people…

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IComm is Officially ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Certified!

The International Organisation for Standardisation is an independent, non-governmental, international organisation. It has a membership of 164 national standards bodies. They create and define sets of standards to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency.     What is ISO 9001:2015 for Quality?  ISO 9001 is an international standard that sets out the criteria for a Quality Management Systems (QMS).  It outlines a framework to improve quality and…

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IComm is Officially Part of the Cloud Collective

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Changing times at IComm It seems that the more we encourage other organisations to embrace change, and move with the times, the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and we see major changes here within IComm.   To be fair, “Embrace Change as the Only Constant” is one of our 6 core values, so we…

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#MSInpire2019 – Stu’s Wrap-up

Now that we’re back in Aus, I can take a moment to go through the rest of our trip to the US and what we saw and heard at Microsoft Inspire.  All in all, it was a fantastic trip, with a lot of networking and great takeaways, so it’s not an easy task to wrap…

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#MSInpire Day 1 – Stu’s Roundup

Day 1 Corenote Address Yesterday morning (Day 1 – Monday 15 July), was the Day 1 Microsoft Inspire Corenote Address.  Held at T-Mobile Arena, it was packed!  My biggest takeaway was definitely around Teams, in two points: There are over 500,000 companies worldwide using Microsoft Teams.  And the software is only 2.5 years old.  Chances…

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IComm’s Amazing Race: Run on Microsoft Teams


By: Tim Anderson, Operations Manager, IComm.  IComm recently held its very own version of the The Amazing Race in Melbourne’s CBD, leveraging Microsoft Teams as the communications tool to coordinate the tense race. In line with the reality television show, 20 IComm staff members were teamed up in small groups, and had to get through…

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How to get the most from team collaboration tools and cloud messaging services


By Justin O’Meara, Senior UC Architect at IComm Australia Today’s modern workplaces are requiring workers to be more connected with their closest colleagues, clients and partners. With improvements in technology over the years, the need for sit down meetings has become far less necessary. Businesses are adopting team collaboration platforms, specifically cloud instant messaging tools,…

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