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Newcrest Mining Case Study

High quality video conferencing and full audio-visual integration

The Problem:

With a staff strength of 12,000 across its worldwide sites, Newcrest was hampered by out-of-date and low functioning meeting rooms, with no video conferencing (VC) capabilities at some locations. This meant Newcrest employees could not collaborate with their colleagues at different locations. Employees were more likely to travel to different sites as the technology simply did not support productivity outcomes. As a result, fatigue and travel costs increased while productivity and collaboration remained hamstrung.

The Solution:

Polycom was selected for Newcrest’s meeting room upgrades because of its ability to integrate with the company’s Skype for Business unified communications technology. IComm rolled out the new video conferencing and collaboration solution at select meeting room spaces at all Newcrest locations.

The Result:

The new solution delivers high quality video conferencing and full audio-visual integration in many Newcrest sites, including several remote locations in New South Wales, Western Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Staff can now effectively collaborate with each other and enable video conferencing at the touch of a button, regardless of which Newcrest location they are based at. The solution has been a big success in terms of significant savings and there has been a considerable lift in productivity and employee satisfaction and engagement.

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