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It’s time for a Copilot Wake-Up Call 

Employees admit to lacking the energy to fulfill their job responsibilities, feeling overworked & unmotivated, the solution lies with Microsoft Copilot.


New to Microsoft Copilot in January 2024

This morning, Microsoft has announced some exciting and much anticipated updates to Microsoft Copilot. These updates are all in line with Microsoft’s vision of making Copilot more accessible to a wider audience.

Photo of Laptop with Microsoft Outlook App open on screen. New Microsoft Outlook 2023

In with the new Outlook 

If you haven’t tried the new version of Microsoft Outlook yet, you’re missing out on some amazing features that will make your life easier and more productive. It’s more than just a sleek new look and a faster, more responsive application. The new Outlook for Windows brings several exciting new features to the table.

Photo of Laptop with Microsoft Outlook App open on screen. New Microsoft Outlook 2023

Out with the old Outlook

There are some big changes on the horizon for Microsoft 365. We’re looking ahead at Copilot, the young contender, and the future of modern work, coming to completely change the game, from our old Outlook inbox that is increasingly seeming like it might start yelling at the kids to get off its lawn. 


8 humble things that great leaders do

Let’s explore ‘The Power of Humility’ and why every leader should eat humble pie! Humility is an essential attribute that can lead to better outcomes, stronger teams and a more positive work environment.


Inside IComm: Meet Billy Colosimo

Say hello to Billy Colosimo, one of our talented Account Director’s.

The power of emotional intelligence in Change Leadership

As the business landscape continues to evolve, leaders who prioritise emotional intelligence become those best equipped to build a culture of resilience, flexibility and growth, creating lasting positive impacts for their teams and organisations.


Inside IComm: Meet Brooke

Say hello to Brooke, our talented Communications Engineer that also delves into a little bit of everything.


Checklist for Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms Support

The world of Microsoft Teams and Teams meeting rooms has exploded in the last few years. When we are working with a new client on a meeting room fitout, I often get asked “what support do you offer?”…

Martin Vella - Customer Success Manager at IComm

Inside IComm: Meet Martin Vella

Say hello to Martin Vella, one of our talented Customer Success Managers, squash champion and serious Funko Pop Vinyl’s collector.


Work from home tips – Viva Le (pyjama) révolution!

Working from home continues to be the new normal for many of us, thanks to continuous developments in technology and the flexibility it offers…


Inside IComm: Meet Victor Cruz

Say hello to Victor Cruz, Unified Communication Engineer here at IComm. He is our resident expert in the commissioning of Video Conferencing Projects.


Get In the Loop: Microsoft’s New Collaboration Platform

Let’s run through the three core elements of Microsoft Loop—Workspaces, Pages, and Components—and explore the use cases and scenarios Loop brings to the table.


Inside IComm: Meet Ryan Harding

Say hello to Ryan Harding, our amazing all rounder. He can do it all, from warehousing and admin to commissioning of MTRs.

Reflecting on the Year in Microsoft Meeting Rooms experience and what’s ahead

With the end of financial year approaching, it’s essential to reflect on the past 12 months and explore the advancements and changes in technology and in general, that have shaped our lives.

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