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Video Conferencing Solutions

Real time communication through visual technology

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the ability for two or more people to communicate in real time using visual technology. This technology is so commonplace nowadays that we have the ability to videoconference from our mobiles as standard.

So, why would you invest in video conferencing for your organisation? The answer: access to true teamwork and full collaboration with seamless integration into your regular workflows.

Investing in a proper unified communications platform (rather than relying on inbuilt software in our devices) also ensures that you are keeping your data secure, and using reliable connections such as your organisation's existing network.

Why go video?

How we now do business means that communication is ever more important.  Nuances in body language and inflections in voice can be so slight that even audio-only conferencing simply cannot give us the same level of effective communication needed for true teamwork that video does.  With organisational teams now spread out over great distances, face-to-face meetings can often be impossible, not to mention inefficient.

Video conferencing allows for more transparent interaction from team members, and a great side benefit is that it often leads to expedited decision-making, which can be a top priority for projects.

Video conferencing done properly does not have a one-size-fits-all solution.  As a result of this, IComm has forged relationships and has a proven track record with many different providers, including Microsoft, Polycom, StarLeaf, and others.

''Our goal, as a communications integrator, is to ensure our clients can communicate to whoever they need to''

Level up your organisation's teamwork.

Need to explore how your teams collaborate with each other and whether or not you can level up your organisation's teamwork? Reach out for a no-obligation conversation about how video conferencing done right can change the way you do business.

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