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Microsoft Surface Hub

Surface hub allows you to turn any space into a teamwork space

Microsoft Surface Hub

As a leading integrator of team collaboration solutions, we often find that the sheer volume of devices available for meeting spaces that facilitate collaboration can be overwhelming.  We offer many of these devices, because no client space is the same as another, and we do not offer cookie cutter solutions.  But we do have a stand out recommendation when it comes to seamless integration with your Microsoft Office 365 Suite. 

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Surface Hub allows you to turn any space into a teamwork space

Beyond Meetings -> True Teams

Teams are as varied as their members: all shapes and sizes, and often, split across departments and even locations.  Your people are your organisation - they are your most valuable asset, AND your biggest investment.  Allow those people to truly move from simple collaboration to all-in teamwork by investing in tools that bring out the best in the individuals and the teams - in any space.

Level Up

Microsoft levelled the Surface Hub up, by taking the large and heavy original device, and making the 2S sleek, slim, and easy to move.  In offices where workspaces are fluid, this lighter design is game-changing. The Surface Hub 2S is sleek and slim, and runs the Surface Hub experience you know and love. Stay in the team workflow and empower your people to collaborate anywhere with a lightweight, easy-to-move device.

Purpose-Built for Teamwork

So much more than a smart board or interactive whiteboard, Surface Hub 2 devices are optimised for teams that want to co-create and produce with others regardless of their location.  Of course, seamless integration with Microsoft software, such as Windows and Office, to Whiteboard and Teams, are invaluable for teams wanting that flexibility without missing a beat. 

In 2020, upgrades to the 2S will give the functionality you see in the above video demo to your 2S device, and bringing it to a 2X. On the Surface Hub 2X, you'll be able to streamline group workflow through features like multi-user sign-in to allow for simultaneous access, and saving content to the cloud. 

Make good of technology today

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