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Forever Training

On-going training with both new and old technology

Training Is Forever

New technology means new behaviours.  Changing behaviours, and nurturing people through change - even if the change is for the better - doesn't happen in just a single session of training.  Adoption, and therefore changing behaviours, is a process where training is rolled out to our clients continuously under our Forever Training offering.

Ongoing training on how to use the technology that your organisation has put great effort into choosing, and not to mention great expense, is key to ensuring that adoption is maintained both with existing users, and as new staff are inducted.

What's Included?

Training existing users

Staff inductions

Tech development sessions

Reception training

Super User/Champion retraining

Executive & EA Training

Device specific training

Group sessions

15 minute focus sessions on specific topics

Why IComm?

We are very passionate about "taking the party to the people" and walking the floor, both on "go-live day" and other sessions as needed and booked.  This method of hands-on training enables us to trouble shoot and help with specific issues on the spot, helping users become more familiar with the technology during their normal day-to-day operations in their normal workflow.


Whilst there are no hard and fast conditions with our Forever Training, there is a fair and reasonable use policy in place.  

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