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Berry Street Case Study

Skype for business was the perfect fit

The Problem:

Berry Street, the largest independent child and family welfare organisation in Victoria, previously relied on an ageing PABX telephone and video conferencing system. Reliance on an unscalable phone system saw Berry Street’s largest office run out of phone lines, which meant the organisation had to quickly make the decision to either continue investing in their out-of-date traditional phone system, or upgrade to a new one.

The Solution:

After assessing Microsoft and Cisco systems, Berry Street decided there was a strong business case for Skype for Business, because it offered better integration with Office365, which Berry Street employees already used on a day-to-day basis. This meant Berry Street was able to not only upgrade their phone systems, but have the opportunity to invest in a fully unified communications solution that was scalable and future-proofed.

Results & Benefits

Communications efficiency and productivity at Berry Street have increased dramatically. With Skype for Business, it is now very streamlined and simple for Berry Street staff to communicate across different sites, with foster carers and care teams, as well as partner agencies.

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