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Checklist for Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms Support

August 3, 2023 | by Stuart Callaghan​

The world of Microsoft Teams and Teams meeting rooms has exploded in the last few years. When we are working with a new client on a meeting room fitout, I often get asked “what support do you offer and why do I need a support agreement on my new meeting rooms?”

Why should you consider a support agreement for your Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms?

There are plenty of good reasons why you should consider a support agreement for your meeting rooms. Your support agreement with the provider of your choice should give you flexibility and options. You should be able to select what you want and decide what is important to you.

Key considerations when deciding on support for your Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms:


Do you want normal support coverage (9-5 Monday-Friday) or do you need 24×7 coverage so that you can have those rooms supported across weekends and after hours?

Vendor Escalations

Make sure your support provider will manage any escalations to the vendor on your behalf

Customer Success Manager

At IComm we include a customer success manager for our support agreements so that our customers have a dedicated point of contact for the escalation of faults, as well as running regular governance meetings where they will present on the performance of your meeting rooms and help identify any trends that may be affecting the way your rooms are performing.

Change Requests

Ask your provider if they will help you raise change requests and even attend your Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings to present on the proposed change or update.

Proactive monitoring

Ensure your support includes proactive monitoring. At IComm we offer this as standard so that if an issue presents itself in one of your meeting rooms, we will know about it immediately, we will create a ticket in our system and let you know that we are working on it

Response times (SLA’s)

At IComm we offer as standard a guaranteed response time on all faults and we also can offer a guaranteed on site response time as well so that you have absolute piece of mind that a certified technician will be on site to look at addressing a high priority issue as soon as possible.

Preventative Maintenance

Ensure your provider has the ability to offer you a preventative maintenance schedule where they will come to site regularly to check that your meeting rooms are working as they should and have the latest software and firmware installed on them

Help Desk Training

We also offer our customers help desk training so we can help train your help desk to do some initial trouble shooting and show them what questions to ask to help uncover the issue.

White Glove Service

At IComm we offer a white glove service which entitles our clients to a premium level of service where one of our certified engineers comes to site prior to an important meeting (e.g. Board meeting). The engineer does a complete test of the room prior to the meeting to ensure everything is working as it should, and they then stay for the duration of the meeting as support in case something should go wrong during those important meetings.

Forever Training

In addition to the above checklist an IComm agreement also includes “Forever Training” which entitles our clients to meeting room training (at no additional cost) for the life of the agreement. This means that on a regular basis we will come to site and train your users on how to use all the features of the meeting rooms. This could be part of your induction process so that all new staff who join your organisation receive this training to ensure they know how to use your meeting rooms.

All of these reasons above make a compelling case for why you should consider a managed service agreement for your meeting rooms, to ensure you can call on your chosen service provider when you need their help because inevitably tech breaks and when it does you want it to be back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Stuart Callaghan​

Stuart Callaghan​

Stuart is Senior Account Director at IComm and is responsible for managing IComm's key customer relationships.

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August 3, 2023 | by Stuart Callaghan​

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