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Appspace: Elevate Your Workspace with IComm

Discover Appspace, the pinnacle of digital signage and workspace platform seamlessly integrating across devices. Empowered by IComm's Halcyon Change Management, our certified specialists ensure you harness Appspace's full potential.

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Revolutionizing Digital Signage

Appspace transforms workplaces with versatile digital signage, supporting playlists, multi-zone layouts, HD/4K resolutions, and live streaming/IPTV. Intuitive console management includes content previews, scheduling, and analytics.

Appspace Partner - Image of digital signage display in office meeting room

Efficiency Amplified

Beyond signage, Appspace streamlines visitor management and space reservations with touchless check-in and QR codes, enhancing security and compliance.

Future Navigation and Connectivity

Appspace's wayfinding and Employee App redefine connectivity. Self-service kiosks and interactive directories facilitate easy navigation, while the Employee App ensures access to updates, workspace reservations, and visitor management.

IComm: Superior Workspace Experience

Partnering with Appspace and Halcyon, IComm delivers a superior workspace experience, equipping your organization for dynamic work environments and boosting productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

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