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Best In Class Support

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, we offer Microsoft's Premier Support.

What we do

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, we offer Microsoft's Premier Support, which helps organisations address their immediate and future support needs, accelerate technology adoption, minimise risk, and achieve competitive advantages in the marketplace. 

Premier Support is an extension of your IComm Managed Services agreement, and gives you access to all of the Premier Support program offerings that can help you meet your unique business needs, and those of the clients you serve. 

But Why?

With Microsoft Premier Support as part of your Managed Services agreement, you receive, prioritised technical support amongst the following benefits:

  • Service delivery backed by Microsoft.
  • Fully customised solutions to meet your needs.
  • The ability for IComm to open and manage support tickets for you - so we deal with issues until they're resolved

Interested in ensuring that you are backed by the top level of support to get you the fastest resolutions when it comes to your Microsoft suite?  Then Premier Support is what you need.  Let's have a chat about how Microsoft's Premier Support can fit into your current IComm solution. 

Ready to grow your business?

Grow your business, drive a more productive relationship through IComm and Microsoft’s Premier Support and speed your ability to provide service and support to your customers.

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