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City of Burnside

Skype for Business was the perfect solution

The Problem:

City of Burnside, one of Adelaide’s oldest residential areas, was working with a telephone and contact centre solution that was showing signs of age and wasn’t capable of meeting the future needs of the organisation. After a series of challenges and system failures, it was determined that a new solution was needed as a matter of priority. 

The Solution:

The council looked at the available and leading-edge communications options, against their core requirements of pricing and support. Many of the available solutions were too costly, with Skype for Business appearing as the only competitive quote under the ‘headsets for everyone’ model that the City of Burnside was committed to. It stood out as the best value for money and the most innovative of the solutions reviewed, with the forward-looking unified communications capabilities standing out from the competition.  

The Result

The deployment of Skype for Business, headsets, and TouchPoint from Enghouse, has resulted in a myriad of benefits for City of Burnside. A key benefit was that by becoming the first council in South Australia to fully switch over to headsets rather than desk phones, Burnside reduced the cost of phones, due to the lower cost of a headset compared to a desk phone. 

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