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It’s time for a Copilot Wake-Up Call 

February 19, 2024 | by IComm Australia

In the fast-paced world of modern work, where the lines between home and office blur, 70% admit they are ready to let AI take over (although, it won’t order you coffee, unfortunately). With 64% feeling drained by job responsibilities, the remedy presents itself: Microsoft Copilot – your solution to navigate and thrive in this fast-paced landscape.

The Secret Weapon

Ever heard of Copilot? Of course, you have. It’s 2024, and while your team feels overworked and at times uninspired, Copilot is sitting right there, patiently waiting to revolutionize your workday. In a world where mediocre is the strategy of choice for some, why settle for the mundane? Copilot is not just a tool; it’s your secret weapon for business brilliance.

AI Delegation without the Drama

Worried about AI taking your job? Fear not, Copilot won’t be stealing your stapler or cozying up in your office chair. And hey, it even listens to your weekend drama without judgment. Place your trust in Copilot, but more crucially, entrust IComm to expertly guide you towards unlocking its full potential.

Master Excellence with Copilot and IComm

Introducing your dynamic duo. Copilot and IComm unite to not just elevate your strategy, but to master it. Opt for IComm’s top-tier training and adoption services because having a Copilot is cool, but having a well-trained one is cooler. By investing in Copilot’s training, you empower it to understand your unique ideas and assist you across a spectrum of tasks. Whether it’s drafting emails, crafting documents, or brainstorming new concepts, Copilot becomes your personalized, intelligent assistant, seamlessly adapting to your style in every interaction.

What’s on the horizon?

While reading this, you’re probably curious about what’s on the horizon with IComm and Copilot. Well, buckle up, because Copilot has sparked a revolution! Although it has only been out for a short amount of time, we immediately seized this new opportunity and assembled our own “Flight Crew”. Every week, we discuss, share, and utilize this new era of AI in the workplace.

Echoing the experiences of our partners at Microsoft who’ve been discovering their ideal prompting recipes, Professor K. Sudhir at Yale draws a very interesting comparison: “When you cook, you’ve got to understand the ingredients first. Then you can combine and use them in new ways. You need a feel for the process” At IComm we wanted to get our team on this level of abstract understanding, and thus be able to train this life changing technology accordingly.

Our Pilot Crew have been using their new recipes to really get cooking-experimenting with app construction, prompt engineering and overall saving time across the board. Seeing our crew unleash their potential is a big part of why we champion AI innovation and believe that everyone should get the chance to adopt better versions of themselves.

Wrap It Up: Copilot – Where Overworked Becomes Empowered

So, here’s the deal, consider Copilot as your backstage pass to a business concert that your competitors are still queuing for. Be present, get ahead, ditch the mundane tasks, and let Copilot take the stage for you! 🚀✨

What are you waiting for get in line to adopt Microsoft Copilot with us!

You can read more about what is New to Microsoft Copilot in January 2024 in our earlier post. If you need support or training to help your organisation adopt Microsoft Copilot, please contact us on 1300 881 641

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February 19, 2024 | by IComm Australia

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