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Change Challenges ~ Changing Mindsets

One of the biggest Change Challenges we face as a communications integrator has nothing to do with the technology, and everything to do with the people – changing mindsets. This is why we are so very passionate about our Halcyon Change Management program. Getting the staff on board about a change ensures that you get…


Anglicare Victoria: Skype For Business = More Quality Engagement

Erin Hokin from Anglicare Victoria shares how Skype for Business has given Anglicare Victoria a boost in how they communicate across the organisation, and with external stakeholders. Allowing for true communication with video ensures that users are able to communicate fully what they want to say, because facial expressions and body language are also able…


Selling New Technology into the Board: Top Tips for Success

Convincing the board to invest money, time and resources in technology is no small feat. It can be a nerve-racking task to have just one chance to present to not one, but multiple people, on the value of a technology upgrade to the organisation.   I got a reminder of just how hard a task…


People of IComm ~ How Often Do You Work Remotely?

Not only do we help organisations transition to the modern workplace (aka modern ways of working aka new ways of working aka agile working – how many different names can one concept have???), but we LIVE the modern workplace! Many of our team work remotely as much as half of their working week… a couple…


Remote Working… Working Hard Or Hardly Working?

One of the most exciting benefits of the Modern Workplace is flexible or remote working.   The idea of being at your workplace from 9 to 5 is from way back in the industrial revolution, lingering around for far too long like a hangover in your mid 30’s.     There have been so many…


Halcyon Change Management: “Absolute Cornerstone”

Anglicare Victoria is in the middle of a MASSIVE organisation-wise technology shift: moving from an ageing, non-scalable PABX system, to unified communications, via Skype For Business. Across more than 30 sites, the cornerstone of this staged roll-out has been Halcyon Change Management. Play Video Video transcript Dean Mills, Anglicare Victoria   “Halcyon and change management…


Taking the Leap into the Modern Workplace and Flexible Working

Taking the leap into the flexible modern workplace: Not all sunshine and rainbows, but worth finding the right balance for your organisation   Working from home: it is without a doubt one of the joys that the flexibility of the modern workplace gives us as individuals.  It allows us to run errands, pick up and…


One Year In – Skype For Business Feedback from Anglicare Victoria

  Anglicare Victoria is on a path to completely transform their entire organisation to the “modern workplace.” For them, that meant moving from an ageing PABX system to Skype For Business, and integrating their communications into their daily workflows.   What does that mean? That ALL of their employees, irrespective of role or location, are…


Effective Questioning

At risk of straying off-topic before I even establish the topic, I’d like to point out that I like motorsport, I’m an Essendon Bombers supporter, and I really like absurdist comedy like ‘Flying High’ or Monty Python. Chances are a lot of you don’t agree with me on these points, including my partner who still…


Microsoft Teams: Stu’s Top 5 Features

Embracing the Microsoft Teams Evolution Microsoft Teams is the evolution and the upgrade path from Microsoft Skype for Business.  It is a unified communications platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. It seamlessly integrates with your organisation’s Office 365 subscription office productivity suite and features…


Making The Most of Your Surface Hub/Army Knife

I was given a real Swiss army knife for my 21st birthday. Corkscrew, three different blades, tweezers, mini pliers, can opener, scissors, mini saw, all in one. It even had a toothpick – no kidding.   I truly loved that thing. I even named it ‘Ted.’ The name held no significance except that it had…


Attention Executives: Lead the Change Charge or Risk Failure

While many things have evolved in the world of change management over the past few decades, one thing has remained constant – executives must be the ones leading the charge. When undergoing any organisational change initiative, key contributors to the success of the change is the executive level. Given their influential role in making a…


Walk The Talk Presentation FY19 Q4

We have some pretty GREAT people here at IComm, and every quarter we vote for those individuals that have lived our IComm Values.  It’s a way for us to recognise our peers that go that extra mile. Part of our quarterly voting ALSO includes REFLECTION – how are WE living the values too?  And this…


Finding The Hidden Gems

*** New trainer, Jack, decided to write a blog about joining the team at IComm.  We hope you’ll see a lot more from Jack on our blog! Kinda random? “Jack what made you want to make the move to be a trainer?… It seems kinda random.” This is the line of questioning that I often…


Recap: Workplace Wellbeing Event with PukaUp CEO Wayne Schwass

PukaUp CEO Wayne Schwass came to speak about workplace wellbeing, and how important it is to put a priority on your mental wellbeing like you do your physical wellbeing.

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