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IComm’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what it means to your support

To all IComm customers,   With the known concerns around the outbreak of Coronavirus this post is to communicate IComm’s position when it comes to COVID-19.   IComm’s Internal Notices: All non-essential travel has been cancelled and scheduled site visits will be stopped until further notice. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and…

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IComm is Officially Part of the Cloud Collective

Changing times at IComm It seems that the more we encourage other organisations to embrace change, and move with the times, the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and we see major changes here within IComm.   To be fair, “Embrace Change as the Only Constant” is one of our 6 core values, so we…

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The Changing Landscape of Tech – The View from a Millenial

James shares his view on what it’s like to have grown up with technology, and how he views the disruption in how businesses evolve.

Image of man (Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO) on large stage with huge screen behind with the man on stage on screen, taken at Microsoft Ignite 2019.

5 key takeaways for voice and video with Microsoft Teams from Ignite 2019

Last week at Microsoft Ignite 2019, I was lucky enough to be able to listen to a number of industry professionals discuss some new announcements around all Microsoft products. Of great interest to me were the discussions around Microsoft Teams and in particular, what will impact voice and video.   I came away with so…


IComm Goes to Microsoft Ignite 2019

IComm has sent 4 team members to Orlando, Florida, USA, to get schooled on all things Microsoft from an engineering perspective. Yes, part of our team is off to Ignite!

image of Michael Greaves, MGA, and dark overlay layer with agilify logo overtop.

Walk the Talk ~ FY20 Q1

On Friday 25 October we had our Walk the Talk award for Quarter 1 of Financial Year 2020.   As I was putting together our slideshow for the presentation, I was amazed a how many of the votes this quarter were for our value #4: Work and Win In Teams.   Nominations for the contenders…


Anglicare Victoria: PABX to Skype for Business

Before Skype for Business, Anglicare Victoria had an ageing PABX system that was not meeting the needs of the organisation.  They needed a communications solution that would allow them to communicate more effectively both internally and externally to their clients and stakeholders.  Skype for Business has met those business needs and more. Play Video For…

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Evolving From Traditional HR to a New Emphasis on Employee Experience (EX)

Unified and Intelligent Communications technology is central to EX   Many organisations are cottoning on to the fact that employees are the cornerstone of their success.  Not only that, but that their experience at work should not be taken for granted, and instead made a priority.  In fact, there is a lot of research demonstrating…


Modern Ways of Working ~ Flexibility & Communication

IComm’s Marketing Manager Dinnae shares why Modern Ways of Working gives employees flexibility and fits in with today’s busy society. Working remotely, whether it’s from home, or a customer site, or another site entirely, enables employees to avoid the brutal commutes and essentially be more productive! Happy employees = happy business!   Play Video  …


The Modern Workplace – Why and How?

Working as a Change Manager in an industry that delivers technology solutions to organisations often leads to a wider conversations around the “Modern Workplace.”  The technology solutions themselves we deliver are the backbone of modern ways of working.  The reason these wider conversations happen though, is because organisations often use the term “modern workplace” as…


No More Desk Phones!

Alright, hear me out. You no longer need a desk phone. Karen in Accounts doesn’t need one. Joe in Sales definitely doesn’t need one, and your CEO doesn’t need one. So why are you buying everyone a new desk phone? About two weeks ago I was in a meeting with a customer discussing their move…


Change Challenges ~ Changing Mindsets

One of the biggest Change Challenges we face as a communications integrator has nothing to do with the technology, and everything to do with the people – changing mindsets. This is why we are so very passionate about our Halcyon Change Management program. Getting the staff on board about a change ensures that you get…


Anglicare Victoria: Skype For Business = More Quality Engagement

Erin Hokin from Anglicare Victoria shares how Skype for Business has given Anglicare Victoria a boost in how they communicate across the organisation, and with external stakeholders. Allowing for true communication with video ensures that users are able to communicate fully what they want to say, because facial expressions and body language are also able…


Selling New Technology into the Board: Top Tips for Success

Convincing the board to invest money, time and resources in technology is no small feat. It can be a nerve-racking task to have just one chance to present to not one, but multiple people, on the value of a technology upgrade to the organisation.   I got a reminder of just how hard a task…

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