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Unified Communications System Versus Separate Communications Systems

Making a decision about the best approach for your organisation when it comes to a communications system or systems can feel like mission impossible. Do you just keep adding on new but disparate communications systems to your legacy systems as user needs change or expand? Or do you undertake a complete system overhaul that sees…


Have you heard of TLS 1.0 End of Life?

Have you heard? The sky just might be falling…. The phones, the phones, they won’t work!!!   No really, we’re not joking.  This is not a test. Okay, well, maybe we are just a little bit, but it’s just a bit of fun.  But really, in all seriousness, this is an issue that Microsoft has…

Telstra Calling for Office 365 Blog Image

Telstra Calling For Office 365 Announced

Well it’s finally happened. The titans have clashed and finally Microsoft and Telstra have come to an agreement, meaning we can enable our users for PSTN calling without the need to deploy something like an expensive Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) solution. Today they announced that PSTN Calling for Office 365 has arrived in Australia. What does this mean for…


IComm’s Amazing Race: Run on Microsoft Teams

By: Tim Anderson, Operations Manager, IComm.  IComm recently held its very own version of the The Amazing Race in Melbourne’s CBD, leveraging Microsoft Teams as the communications tool to coordinate the tense race. In line with the reality television show, 20 IComm staff members were teamed up in small groups, and had to get through…


How to get the most from team collaboration tools and cloud messaging services

By Justin O’Meara, Senior UC Architect at IComm Australia Today’s modern workplaces are requiring workers to be more connected with their closest colleagues, clients and partners. With improvements in technology over the years, the need for sit down meetings has become far less necessary. Businesses are adopting team collaboration platforms, specifically cloud instant messaging tools,…


Why Unified Communication and Collaboration Need to be Paired

By Michael Elliman, Senior Account Executive at IComm Australia A growing number of progressive workplaces are moving towards pairing their unified communications (UC) and collaboration technology to ensure they get the most from both aspects of business communication. But why isn’t this more common? Recent studies from InfoComm 2017 show that only four percent of…


How Can You Maximise Your Unified Communications System?

For all the value that unified communications systems can deliver, a quick, positive return on investment is not always guaranteed. While the vast majority of companies that embrace unified communications see significant gains almost immediately, some are disappointed by the short-term results. There are a number of reasons why organisations may experience these shortcomings, and…


My take from Microsoft Ignite 2017

By Justin O’Meara At this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft announced a new term – Intelligent Communications. For years companies like IComm have been working with unified communications products and associated themselves as a Unified Communications Microsoft Gold Partner. With the introduction of Office 365 a few years ago, Microsoft has the data and analytics…


Device Review: Plantronics 8200UC

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]by James Arber NOTE: My review unit was one of only two in the country at the time and was obviously a development unit used by internal Plantronics staff as such I did experience some software bugs that I’d expect to be ironed out by release. Audio Quality. So, the all-important part is what they…


Why Do Most Organisational Change Efforts Fail?

And WHAT Can We Do About It? After helping many organisations achieve their change objectives I have spent considerable time talking with HR managers and IT departments about previous change management efforts. Through this process I have heard about all the failed attempts and the general consensus has been that previous change failed because of…


A day in the life of IComm technical engineer, Brooke

Tell us about your job? I’m a communications Engineer at IComm, specialising in Mitel phone and unified communications solutions. My role is varied and my day might involve checking in with our network operations centre for any faults, resolving faults and technical issues, reports on the health of sites, minor programming works, projects, site visits…


Improving workplace communication and relationships with project management: Skill 6 – Collaboration

Author: Dan Vucic, Project Manager at IComm Project management is all about taking control and seeing things through from inception to delivery. Project collaboration is the way that people work together to complete a project, as well as ensuring they have the necessary tools to make it happen. It essentially describes the internal processes that…


Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing: Lewin’s Change Model in IT Projects

Lewin’s change model is arguably the most influential work in the field of organisational change management. Created in the 1940’s, Lewin’s change model consists of three key phases; unfreezing, changing and refreezing. These stages can also be labelled as before, during and after the change. The first stage involves preparing an organisation to accept a…


How Can You Strive to Be a Better Listener?

As a change manager, I spend most of my day listening to people to gain a better understanding of what they do and how to best approach a lasting change strategy for their organisation. But at times I can really struggle to keep on track, and mostly that’s down to these four bad habits of…


Challenging the impact of habit and ritual: Skill 5 – Strategic Thinking

Author: Dan Vucic, Project Manager at IComm With the current business climate dictating that productivity continues to increase while resources decrease, now more than ever before we must think strategically about every decision. But developing critical strategic thinking is difficult amidst a schedule that involves balancing multiple projects and many other competing priorities. To find…

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