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Executive Engagement Workshop

Helping Executives to Lead Their Organisation's Change Management Efforts

Change Management Starts at the Executive Level

IComm’s Halcyon Change Management specialises in successfully migrating organisations from their current ways of working to modern ways of working with new technology. Successfully shifting to modern ways of working requires a change in behaviour across the organisation, which starts at the executive level.

Assigning Clear Change Management Roles to Achieve Success

To help organisations reach their modern workplace goals, the Executive Engagement Workshop results in a clear understanding for the organisation of what is required at the executive and senior leadership level for the change to be as successful as possible. It overcomes any ambiguity of roles and responsibilities at the senior level, in order for clarity at the end user level.

The Executive Engagement Workshop covers the following:

  • Compelling event
  • Mindset / behaviours and role modelling
  • Communications
  • Super Users
  • Profiles and Personas
  • Risks
  • Success criteria
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Learn more about our Executive Engagement Workshop

Download our outline of the Executive Engagement Workshop to learn how Halcyon ensures that your Executive team leads the change from the top down.

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