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End User Profiling and Personas

Getting to know your employees in order to help them embrace new workplace technology

Engaging Every Employee in Technology Change

IComm’s Halcyon Change Management profiles organisational departments and their individual end users by spending between 30 minutes to one hour with each department head. Profiling organisation’s departments and building end user profiles and personas within these, provides a collective “we”, which is required to help all employees shift to a new technology and modern ways of working. It provides a platform from which an organisation can get to know and engage its personnel, by learning how they currently work, what their key work tasks are, who they work and communicate with, as well as taking into account the systems and devices they routinely use within their roles. 

Getting Employees Excited about Technology Change

Halcyon Change Management's overall goal is to ensure employees are excited about the possibilities that come with the technology change.

We understand how to maximise the success of the user profiling and personas exercise. We work hard to understand how the technology will assist individual departments and employees. It also helps us to determine the best training for these departments and employees. 

This process takes into account:

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Historical Changes

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This Change

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Training Requirements

Learn more about End User Profiling and Personas

Download our outline of End User Profiling and Personas to learn how Halcyon makes the difference on your technology ROI.

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