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Walk the Talk ~ FY20 Q1

October 25, 2019 | by IComm Australia

On Friday 25 October we had our Walk the Talk award for Quarter 1 of Financial Year 2020.


As I was putting together our slideshow for the presentation, I was amazed a how many of the votes this quarter were for our value #4: Work and Win In Teams.


Nominations for the contenders


Pat ~ Work and Win in Teams:

✔ Pat has begun to take on elements of OHS and ISO9001. I have only ever seen a willingness to help from Pat with a smile and enthusiasm. Pat helps out a lot in the business. Without Pat, life would be harder in delivering and support our customers.

✔ Patricia and Bruna have been extremely helpful to me during my time with IComm so far.  I feel that my gratitude would be well expressed if either of them were to win!


Kris ~ Work and Win in Teams AND Embrace Change as The Only Constant:

✔ Kris has been a god send when it comes to me getting a handle on the VC side of the business.  He is always willing to put a hand up and assists me to understanding the processes around the VC environments.  He has also been instrumental in implementing process improvements around SharePoint and VC Health Check reporting.

✔ Kris has taken Zoom and claimed it as his own, he has seen that Zoom a way forward and has run with it. He has been committed to seeing it be a big part of the business moving forward.


Bruna ~ Work and Win in Teams:

✔ Bruna never complains, she just gets on with it, she consistently helps with the urgent POs, follows up our customer’s invoice and resends over & over again, always with a smile.  She always continues to help me out wherever she can. Glad you are ON our team. 🙂

✔ Patricia and Bruna have been extremely helpful to me during my time with IComm so far.  I feel that my gratitude would be well expressed if either of them were to win!


Stephen ~ Understand and Respect Our Clients AND Work and Win in Teams:

✔ He understands the client requirement and delivers it, and gets it done from the engineers. He is a champion.

✔ We worked together on a spreadsheet to help schedule many training hours. And even though it wasn't his project, we bounced ideas off, sharing our own knowledge of excel with each other.


Rosa ~ Build Our Reputation Through Actions:

✔ She is a fast learner, asks the right questions, and is confident  with her responses.

✔ Landed on her feet on her first day at IComm.


Mick R ~ Work and Win in Teams (yes, all 5):

✔ He has done Telstra Exams over above his normal work load. Xavier and COGG Priority1 faults at the same time.

✔ Happy to help me out without hesitation.  Currently assisting me on some new laptop specs required for the business.

✔ Great team player to take the task of Telstra recertification and complete so IComm maintains its gold cert with Telstra....real classy effort.

✔ Mick has been working through the Telstra exams, which do not assist him or his colleagues downstairs. His self-sacrifice of his time for the good of the company is an outstanding example of working in Teams!!!

✔ Michael has completed arguably one of the hardest tasks in the Telstra Training Accreditation. This has taken weeks to complete and given his current workload this is a great example of teamwork and initiative. The sales team are grateful as this will effect us and only open more opportunities inside of Telstra. Thanks Mick.


Congratulations Mick on taking out your THIRD win for our Values Award, and congratulations to all our nominees.  You truly make IComm the great team we are!

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IComm Australia

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October 25, 2019 | by IComm Australia

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