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Walk The Talk ~ Q1 FY19

October 24, 2018 | by IComm Australia

Walk The Talk ~ Living IComm Values

Another quarter has passed, and another Walk The Talk award has been voted on and awarded!

*** In case you missed it, the last quarter’s winner and nominees are on THIS BLOG POST. ***

We had three new staff members join us in the last four months, and not surprisingly, one of them made it to the shortlist. (Honestly, all three are so great, I don’t doubt we will be seeing them all in these nominees over the coming quarters!)

Not only did we have new staff join the team, but we also had a busy quarter with a fair few team members travelling interstate, and overseas as well, for conferences. We had a couple of external events, some social club activities, and some insider partner events too.  It was a really busy time for everyone.  As a team we rocked it, and it shows in the nominees.

As always, there were multiple nominees, but five team members had 3 or more nominations, with one of them taking out the win with a whopping 6!

IComm Values

  • Innovation starts with reflection
  • Embrace change as the only constant
  • Accountability is clear and personable
  • Work and win in teams
  • Build our reputation through actions
  • Understand and respect our customers


FY2018-19 Quarter 1 Nominees for IComm’s Walk The Talk Award


James Dell

James "Works and Wins in Teams" when he follows through with our clients from start to finish on maintenance orders, including the tedious parts. "Accountability is Clear and Personable" is another big one, both when crushing goals from a numbers perspective and how he is willing to step in and pick up the slack when needed.


Brooke Stevens

Brooke was again nominated for "Embracing Change As The Only Constant"because she has embraced the S4B environment with enthusiasm, volunteering for afterhours updates that are well outside her comfort zone.... and ROCKED IT! As well, being engaged with Skype Admin training on a client - the feedback was that she knows her stuff! Brooke also "Works and Wins in Teams" with her mentoring of new staff to help them get a solid foundation in the services we provide to our clients, and how she stepped up when we had other engineers on overseas and interstate trips.


David O'Hanlon

Dave was again nominated for his "Accountability is Clear and Personable" when he was working in a somewhat difficult off-site environment, and taking everything in stride. AGAIN, he has also been "Building Our Reputation Through Actions" with how he deals with our clients in a professional manner, and meeting critical project deadlines. This also ties into him "Working and Winning in Teams" - he is always prepared to help others in any situation.


Kylie Hanger

New to the team, Kylie is our new Service Delivery Manager. She has well and truly fit into the IComm team, as shown by the nominations she has received less than 4 full months into the role. "Accountability is Clear and Personable" - she has been fantastic at keeping the engineers to task and on track with their maintenance tasks. She is also already "Building Our Reputation Through Actions" with hitting the ground running, "putting up with us" (engineers), and having a "kick arse sense of humour!" And finally, she's also CLEARLY "Embracing Change as Only Constant" by taking on this new role and making improvements and being transparent in doing so.


Ben Maclean

Ben, our Service Team Leader, is always "Building Our Reputation Through Actions" by his "wee hours" efforts on security certificate migrations for a long-standing client of ours. He also rocks "Working and Winning in Teams," because "in spite of his own tasks, he is always helping out his team with tickets." And, "regardless of workload," he's always happy to explain things in detail allowing others to have a complete understanding for when something might arise again another time.


As always, five very deserving, hardworking people. But alas, only one winner!


And the winner is…





Dave O'Hanlon!!!

Dave was ALSO nominated for again for "Building Our Reputation Through Actions" when in the middle of bringing on new team members and constant shifting, he has taken on additional work to support the team, and done so with diligence and a smile.

You guessed it.... THERE'S MORE!!!

Dave was also nominated for "Understanding and Respecting Our Customers" due to his efforts being put into supporting our clients, and in particular a specific project that hasn't exactly been the easiest one.

Dave is kind and empathetic, and has been a great support to call on when the newbies have had questions, whether they be about our services, our clients, or what have you.  He's a key part of our team, and we count ourselves lucky to have him!



Congratulations Dave, you deserve it buddy!!!


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October 24, 2018 | by IComm Australia

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