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Expanding the Microsoft Collaboration Experience to Modern Workplace Meeting Rooms


  • Poor meeting engagement
  • Non Microsoft-centric meeting rooms
  • Reliance of IT to setup and support meetings
  • High travel costs


Organisational and IT productivity can be increased due to simple booking and usage experience of meeting rooms.


Ideal Solution

  • Simple experience
  • Microsoft-centric experience
  • Solutions to fix all different room sizes and use cases


By expanding and standardising on the broader Microsoft experience on new and legacy meeting room devices ensures simplification of processes and eases support.


Desired Outcomes

  • More collaborative workforce
  • Accelerated decision-making
  • Reduce IT stress and reliance
  • Travel reduction
  • 55% of in-office workers wish they had flexibility to work remotely
  • 93% of video meetings started in under 1 min
  • 30% reduction in travel costs



Teams Meeting & Audio Visual Solutions 

Expanding and standardising the Microsoft experience in new and existing meeting rooms.


Microsoft Immersive Tour

Understand Your Options

  • See the Microsoft-centric options in IComm’s award-winning demo facilities
  • Test and interact with the fully functional rooms


Microsoft Interoperability

Integrate The Legacy Rooms

  • Improve In-Room meeting experience by integrating existing endpoints into the Microsoft environment
  • Ensure ease of use and better return on existing investments


Microsoft & Meeting Rooms

New Microsoft-centric Meeting Spaces

  • Determining the use cases and equipment that will aid Microsoft to achieve these cases.
  • Work with the users to educate them on the workflow to maximise usage/ROI

“The previous system was used for telephony only, which provided the challenge of voice only, with no video presence for collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. This limited our ability for streamlined communication between staff and board members who are located across different sites in Victoria.” 




IComm Audio Visual Solutions + Microsoft Teams

By having options to bring existing/legacy equipment into the Microsoft workflow, users are able to collaborate effectively, with internal and external stakeholders, accelerating the decision-making cycle and more flexible, nimble, and modern workforce.


Solution Alignment

IComm Audio Visual Solutions = Standardising Workflows

Through simplifying and onboarding users to the Microsoft workflows to book and join Microsoft-centric meeting rooms, productivity and ROI will more easily be achieved.


IComm Audio Visual Solutions = Ease of Use

When legacy endpoints/rooms are integrated, including systems like Cisco, LifeSize, & legacy Polycom, users are able to have an extended Microsoft meeting experience that JUST WORKS and is easy to use.


IComm Audio Visual Solutions = Increased Meeting Engagement

Extending the desktop meeting experience into larger meeting spaces and rooms, it becomes a natural extension for the users, thus increasing engagement and confidence.



“When I walk into any room at MYOB, I can connect to any room or any person in our organisation.”

~ Tim Reed, MYOB


“Being disrupted, and our consequent move to the Modern Workplace, was the best thing that ever happened to us as an organisation.  Our staff engagement levels are higher than they've ever been.”

~ Martin Longley, MYOB



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