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WinWire – Federation University Australia Connected Classrooms

March 29, 2023 | by IComm Australia

IComm, a proud member of the Cloud Collective is pleased to announce a noteworthy customer win with Federation University.

Federation University recently embarked on a mission to create technology-rich teaching spaces that would enable synchronous learning for students, regardless of their geographic location. With a decade-long partnership of working closely with Fed Uni, IComm confidently responded to the Connected Classrooms tender, showcasing our innovative approach to address the university's challenges. Our successful bid resulted in a ground-breaking project deployment, made possible through our understanding of the university's requirements.

As a result of our efforts, Connected Classrooms have cemented Fed Uni's position as a leading education institution committed to providing high-quality education to students.

We are proud to have been part of this achievement and look forward to continuing our partnership with Federation University.

Customer background

Federation University, a leading regional university in Victoria, has been shaping the minds of Australia's pioneers, visionaries, and intellectuals for over a century and a half. With campuses scattered across regional Victoria and Brisbane, Fed Uni recognises the importance of providing engaging classroom environments that enrich the learning experience for its students.

To bring their Connected Classroom vision to fruition, Fed Uni joined forces with IComm, an expert in digital transformation. With a decade-long record of delivering successful technology solutions for the university, IComm was the natural choice. Their partnership has resulted in the implementation and improvement of various Microsoft workloads, including Skype for Business Voice, Microsoft Teams Voice and Meeting Rooms, Viva Engage, Change Management and Adoption, Security, and Intune.

Customer outcome we are driving

At the core of the Connected Classroom initiative was Federation University's unwavering commitment to innovation and inclusivity. They recognised that providing a high-quality education to all students, regardless of location, required leveraging technology to connect them.

The Connected Classroom was designed to enhance the learning experience by increasing flexibility and collaboration, while creating agile, integrated, inclusive, and responsive classrooms. The project progressed through three phases, beginning with space redesign and timetabling, followed by academic capability building, and ultimately room extensions across the Mount Helen, Berwick, and Gippsland campuses.

Through this initiative, Federation University aimed to revolutionise the traditional classroom experience and provide students with access to an immersive and high-quality learning environment, regardless of their location. The implementation of Connected Classrooms has not only improved the learning experience for students but has also increased the university's competitiveness and helped them stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving education landscape.

Partner impact

The implementation of the Connected Classroom Initiative at Fed Uni has resulted in numerous positive outcomes, including increased course offerings, an enhanced learning experience, cost savings, and a competitive advantage.

This initiative has revolutionised the learning experience for students, delivering impressive results for stakeholders, students, and academics alike. The remote lecture attendance facilitated by connected classrooms provides an immersive and high-quality learning experience that has transformed Fed Uni. The widespread deployment of connected classrooms has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff and students, with over 91% of students rating the experience as very good or excellent.

The success of this initiative has also sparked interest from other educational institutions, highlighting its potential for broader application within the education sector.

Better together

IComm partnered with Federation University to design and implement their visionary Connected Classroom solution. We leveraged the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and worked closely with Teams-certified hardware vendors to develop and implement a solution that provided a rich collaboration and teaching experience for both students and academics. The end result enabled a seamless blend of in-class and remote teaching across multiple campuses.

At IComm, we provide ongoing support for the Connected Classroom solution, utilising Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro dashboards and reporting, as well as continuous training for new staff. Our commitment to exceptional service ensures that the Connected Classroom solution remains reliable and functional, allowing Fed Uni to focus on delivering high-quality education to its students.

The Connected Classroom Initiative has transformed the way Federation University approaches hybrid learning, providing a seamless and immersive learning experience to students, regardless of their geographical location. This initiative has revolutionized the educational landscape, providing students with opportunities to participate in lectures, interact with their peers, and develop essential skills critical to success. Thanks to our partnership with Fed Uni, IComm has played a pivotal role in the success of this initiative, ensuring that it remains an integral part of the university's education delivery model.

Partner team:

Stuart Callaghan

Samantha Paul

Account team:

Ken Rankins

Clint Harris

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March 29, 2023 | by IComm Australia

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