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agilify ~ Shift The Way We Look At Change

October 29, 2019 | by IComm Australia

Not properly assessing the needs of a space results in "variations"... which ALWAYS mean an increase in budgets both in the manner of time AND money.


Michael Greaves, Builder and Designer, touches on the many different ways that a more holistic approach to change can decrease the friction that people experience when using office spaces.


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Michael Greaves, Builder and Designer, MGA:

"Well the old way of fitting out an office has led to variations, which are time-consuming and expensive.  Everyone loses money and time on a variation. I couldn't count the number of fitouts that I've completed, that at the last minute someone comes to me and says "Oh, we didn't consider this person needs an office," or "we need to put a video wall on this wall, is that going to be OK," and I've handed the job over, so I'm going back in there and pulling out works that I've just done, to then re-do something else, that, if we had known that from the beginning or if we have developed that idea that there may be this, well, the client would save money. I would save time and money, and my contractors would save time and money."


"More than that is that, that whole process of change, that's a minute example of it. There'd be no disruption. I couldn't also tell you the amount of times that I've been into a boardroom and no one knows how to use the  technology, because there hasn't been any education there. Or that the technology has evolved over a different amount of time, the different components are being put in, and there's no unified approach. So, that would be  crucial to have those, again, by handling, by dealing with the three components: people, space, and technology at the same time, and growing the change, we can make significant advantages for the client."

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October 29, 2019 | by IComm Australia

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