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Anglicare Victoria: Skype For Business = More Quality Engagement

September 19, 2019 | by IComm Australia

Erin Hokin from Anglicare Victoria shares how Skype for Business has given Anglicare Victoria a boost in how they communicate across the organisation, and with external stakeholders. Allowing for true communication with video ensures that users are able to communicate fully what they want to say, because facial expressions and body language are also able to be used to understand each other. Skype for Business equals more quality engagement!

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Read more about our Anglicare Victoria case study, including the full video, here:



Audio transcript:

Erin Hokin:

"We were using handsets, and we were using traditional forms of communication, and now we're actually using Skype for Business so that allows us to have more quality communication between people. So rather than just having a phone and talking with someone you actually have that face-to-face contact that allows you to have bit more quality engagement with someone, especially with teleconferencing. It's a little bit more easier to use and also the instant messaging is helpful in terms of not clogging up your emails, and it's instant as well."

"And the other form that Skype gives in terms of helping out is actually adding in more people so you can have variety of people up on the screen, and still be engaged in conversation when you're having conferencing calls as well. So it really helps in terms of understanding what someone is trying to say, 'cause you have that body language and facial engagement as well. So if someone is trying to communicate a message it's actually having that better two way communication. So for me in my work I find that's very helpful, especially when we are engaging with stake holders as well outside the agency. It helps us with that communication in terms of what we're trying to tell them or what messages we're trying to communicate to them."

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September 19, 2019 | by IComm Australia

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