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Countdown to MS Inspire 2019

July 6, 2019 | by IComm Australia

The Countdown Has Begun!


(Well. Until they take off that is.)


As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we see value in investing in growing around how we can better service our clients and how they are best able to get the most out of their Microsoft solutions.


One of the ways we invest is by sending members of our team to various conferences and courses put on by Microsoft.  Some of these are local, here in Melbourne, and some of these are anything but.  And the biggest of those is Microsoft Inspire, the yearly global Partner Conference that is 100% geared to helping partners learn to give the best to our clients.  Each year the conference gets bigger and better, and I have no doubt that 2019 will be no different.


In prep for this year's Inspire, I had a look through the highlight reels from last year, and I thought they would be pretty cool to share.

Microsoft Inspire 2018 day one highlights


Microsoft Inspire 2018 day two highlights 


Microsoft Inspire 2018 day three highlights


That's a lot of footage to condense down into 3, 2 minute-ish clips, but it definitely looks like it's going to be an amazing time.


There are 447 different breakout sessions and workshops listed on the sessions catalogue.  Four Hundred and Forty Seven.  Oh. My. Word.  Talk about overwhelm.  Microsoft knows all about that though, and for First Time Attendees, they even have a special program to help FTAs get the most out of Inspire!  And it's always a smart idea to send more than one attendee to get the most out of the sessions by taking a "divide and conquer" approach.


This year, we are sending three of our team to #MSInspire2019 (none of them are first timers), and I'll be striving to get their takeaways and learnings as soon as possible to put them up here on the blog.  Rob Dell, our MD, will be sending me through his thoughts on Satya's Corenote speech on day 1.  Justin O'Meara, a Solutions Architect, will be giving us his top takeaways from the sessions he attends on day 2, which will likely be more of a technical nature.  Stuart Callaghan, one of our Account Managers, will be sending through his learnings from day 3.  On day 4, I'll do a round up of with the top takeaway each of them had on the final sort-of-half-day.  And then finally, when they're on their way home to our land down under, I'll do a list of their tops and maybe not-so-tops from the whole conference.


So, stay tuned, make sure you get notifications from us on our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles, and that way you can read all about #MSInspire2019 from IComm's view.

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IComm Australia

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July 6, 2019 | by IComm Australia

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