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IComm’s Amazing Race: Run on Microsoft Teams

December 19, 2017 | by IComm Australia

By: Tim Anderson, Operations Manager, IComm.

 IComm recently held its very own version of the The Amazing Race in Melbourne’s CBD, leveraging Microsoft Teams as the communications tool to coordinate the tense race.

In line with the reality television show, 20 IComm staff members were teamed up in small groups, and had to get through ten legs of the race by deducing clues, navigating themselves in foreign areas of Melbourne’s CBD, interacting with locals, performing physical and mental challenges and vying for transport such as walking, running, taxi, uber, or trams, on a limited budget.

All teams were sent clues to each checkpoint they needed to reach via Microsoft Teams. Each team had a different sequence of checkpoints, to ensure they didn’t cross paths and had no idea of their position in the race. Once they reached what they believed to be their correct checkpoint they needed to send a photo back to the race coordinator on Microsoft Teams. If they had reached the correct location they were then sent clues for the next checkpoint. They were also able to ask any questions along the way through Microsoft Teams.

Coordinating IComm’s Amazing Race exclusively through Microsoft Teams proved useful not only in being able to rely on real time communications at all times, but also a really fun and social way of familiarising all IComm staff members with how to use Microsoft Teams and the benefits it offers as a unified communications tool.

Microsoft Teams aided team Michael, Andre and Victor in taking out IComm’s inaugural Amazing Race. They then had the opportunity to bask in the glory at the last pub lunch checkpoint, which cruelly turned out to be the hardest checkpoint to reach.

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IComm Australia

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December 19, 2017 | by IComm Australia

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