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Why IT Adoption Matters to HR

February 2, 2017 | by IComm Australia

New technologies like Skype for Business are game changers for businesses across Australia as they have the power to transform the way in which employees communicate and collaborate internally and externally. The big question, however, is how do businesses get their employees to change their behaviour to make the most of these new technologies? Having technology that is in use is much more powerful than just having technology.

HR teams are integral to the success of a technology deployment such as Skype for Business for a number of reasons. HR is one of the few areas of a business that has full oversight of and regular interactions with all employees. They are also charged with the task of making the working lives of employees more satisfying, productive and easier.

So why should HR be involved in a technology deployment and how should this be done?

Passive vs. proactive

If businesses take a passive approach to implementing technology, which assumes the technology will be easy to use and has a very low level of communication and guidance, the end result will most often be a low adoption rate.

Alternatively, with a proactive approach, where businesses build a strategy for the entire lifecycle of the new technology – planning, piloting, rolling out, ongoing training, regular success measurements – the result is commonly higher adoption, a better return on investment and more trusting and satisfied employees.

HR should be on board from the start to ensure businesses take a proactive, rather than a passive approach in order to increase adoption rates and nurture more fulfilled employees.

Leading by example

HR is often the area of a business employees look toward and engage with when they have concerns or want guidance. Therefore, it is important that HR staff are positioned to be able to answer questions on the new technology and training. They should also be seen to be using the technology in their daily work lives, and have a positive attitude towards the new technology. If HR is on board and champions of a new technology, employees are more likely to follow suite and feel confident in the new technology as well.

Communications and interactions

HR teams can assist in new technology change programs by ensuring that all employees are catered to in communications, having their questions and concerns answered appropriately and receiving the necessary training.

HR is well equipped to set a communication path focused on making sure people are aware of and comfortable with the upcoming change. HR can communicate with all staff at regular intervals, including before, during and after the new technology is introduced. They can also help host informational events, develop FAQs and be on hand during training.

Tailoring to individual employees

Within a business there are many different roles, communication styles and learning styles. HR has a great oversight of this and can play a significant role in making sure that communications, events and training programs associated with a technology change are developed to suit the wide-ranging needs of all employees.

HR already understands the make-up of a business’ workforce and can help identify the best way to reach and interact with all types of workers, including office workers, remote workers, hot-desking workers, contact centre workers, travelling workers and executive assistants. By taking charge of identifying and segmenting different employee groups within a business, HR helps employees receive a tailored experience that will ultimately better equip them to embrace and adopt the change.

How can IComm help?

IComm’s Adoption Essentials is designed to prepare staff for change in technology, ensuring they understand how the technology will benefit them. IComm can help HR teams to nurture their people through the process, making them comfortable and confident with the technology.

Adoption Essentials focuses on five key areas that can assist HR teams in transitioning staff to new technology. These include: employee communications, employee profiling, management sponsorship, adoption champions and project success measurement.

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IComm Australia

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February 2, 2017 | by IComm Australia

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