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Habitat Soundscaping

Bringing nature to the open office

What is the cost of distraction?

Open offices are fantastic conduits for increased collaboration and communication - but hand-in-hand with that goes distractions and of course, the inability to focus on the task at hand.  Workers take it upon themselves to shut themselves away to focus, thereby decreasing the opportunity to work collaboratively... Making the move to an open office layout a double-edged sword.

Facilities will often trial sound masking products to alleviate distractions, but with less-than-fantastic results.  Traditional sound masking uses generated broadband noise (white and pink noise) to "shut out" the distractions, but those frequencies are fatiguing and uncomfortable, and often result in complaints of headaches and increased stress.


Workers dissatisfied with open office noise

Source: Gensler Workplace Survey, 2013


Time it takes a worker to return to an original task after being interrupted

Source: “No Task Left Behind? Examining the Nature of Fragmented Work” from the School of Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine 


Believe they would be more productive in a less noisy environment

Source: Plantronics Persona Research, 2017

Experience Workplace Wellness

We know that time in nature is rejuvenating and beneficial, and increases creativity and both mental and physical wellness.  But yet we spend 87% of our time indoors, 6% in a car, and only 7% in nature! (Ref: US EPA Study)

Enter Habitat Soundscaping by Plantronics - bringing nature into the open office.  Focusing on the key elements of sound and sight, Habitat taps into our innate human desire to connect with nature - known as biophilia - to create a space that is natural and restorative.

The Next Evolution of Office Design

Habitat Soundscaping combines nature and cutting edge technology to increase personal well-being and allow your workforce to excel every day.


Teamwork is the backbone of any business. With the Habitat Soundscaping solution, your team can collaborate anywhere, any time—without worrying about distracting nearby colleagues.


The Habitat Soundscaping solution minimizes distractions and enables workers engaged in thoughtful, detailed work to stay in the zone, regardless of what’s happening around them.


Nature relieves stress, rejuvenates the senses, and satisfies our most innate human needs. The Habitat Soundscaping solution brings that natural, restorative connection to your space.

Benefits of Nature

Restore Energy

Nature and pictures of nature provide a mental boost, restore energy, and stave off mental fatigue.

Sharpen thinking

Exposure to nature enhances creative problem-solving skills and improves cognitive performance.

Reduce Stress

Images of nature are associated with improved mood and increased feelings of well-being.

Experience Habitat Soundscaping in Person

IComm is so excited to be one of the first offices in Australia to install Habitat Soundscaping in our open office. It's fascinating to hear it at work, and we'd love for you to come hear it for yourself. If you're interested in experiencing Habitat Soundscaping in person, get in touch to arrange a time to immerse yourself in our demo facilities in North Melbourne.

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