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Enterprise Voice

Enterprise Voice

COVID-19 made businesses around the world drastically rethink the tech solutions that they relied on. As the world shut down and employees transitioned to a work from home environment, it was immediately clear that many of the systems businesses were relying on were inadequate for the current circumstances.

One of the key concerns — and arguably the most immediate — was the need for effective communication. Inter-team and inter-office messaging and calling services exploded in popularity as IT departments and other employees created digital Frankenstein’s Monsters to solve the problem. It was a challenging time that yielded mixed results around the world; the need for enterprise-grade tech for even the smallest company hoping to do business remotely became immediately apparent.

Fortunately, more elegant solutions are available — and that’s where Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice comes into play. Working across a number of different and easily obtainable software solutions, Microsoft Teams, at its simplest level, enables you and your people to make calls easily both within and outside the organisation.

That might sound like a given for a business — but it’s actually trickier than you might think. Older-style PBX phone systems typically required significant upfront investment, along with ongoing costs for maintenance. Nor did they necessarily interface well with newer technology as it came along — an increasingly significant problem as businesses adopt online and cloud-based software such as Microsoft Teams and Office 365. There’s no point in having a high-end phone system if you still can’t reach anyone you need to speak to.

Accordingly, Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solutions are primarily geared at working with VOIP technology and interfacing with a number of different software solutions.

Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice — the benefits

So, why opt for an Enterprise Voice solution for your workplace? Essentially, it offers a number of benefits not found in traditional PBX phone systems. Firstly, from a business perspective, Enterprise Voice solutions require lower setup costs in comparison to PBX phone systems and minimal maintenance costs afterwards. It also guarantees quality of performance, across a wide array of software calling solutions.

From a staff perspective, there are also a number of advantages. Users are able to utilise their preferred devices for making/receiving calls (e.g. Bluetooth earpieces, dedicated headsets, Mobile Devices) which isn’t always possible with PBX systems. It also provides a greater array of customisation options when calls come through. Only want your phone to ring three times before going to the message bank? Want it redirected to your mobile phone? Need to have an outgoing message ready? No problem. Microsoft Teams allow for a far greater range of individualised responses than is possible on older systems.

And perhaps most importantly, Enterprise Voice solutions are able to scale with your business as it grows and changes. With a cloud-based system, you’re not tied to outdated hardware and forced to operate behind the eight-ball for basic business necessities like making phone calls.

Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice with iComm

If you’ve been considering upgrading to a more effective calling solution for your business, there’s no better time than now to do it. At iComm, we can help you roll out Enterprise Voice throughout your organisation. Our Enterprise Voice services are designed to make the process as smooth as possible for your business. Working in tandem with you and your team, we can take you through the entire process of integration; whether that’s Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice, step by step.


Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice is a substitute for a traditional PSTN or PBX phone, that’s not reliant on older hardware and allows your staff to easily make calls both inside and outside your business. Additionally, if you use Microsoft Teams, you can also integrate your existing PBX phone systems.

So if you require an integrated, highly customisable and enterprise-grade calling solution, Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice may be the right choice for you. It’s designed for ease of use and for consolidating existing services under a unified banner. It’s a more cost-effective solution from a business perspective, too — why invest in multiple systems within your organisation when it could all be placed under one banner?

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