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agilify is a unique collective that connects people, workspace, and technology to create spaces that people are passionate to BE in. 


To enable organisations to create a positive employee experience by considering the importance of the people + the space + the technology in a holistic strategy. 


To see ALL organisations & their people empowered & excited by space & technology. 


Through the lens of people, we harness change to create an experience with space & technology that empowers the organisation to excel.

Why agilify?

The Modern Workplace, or Modern Ways of Working, or Agile Working, are buzz words we are all hearing sometimes on an hourly basis, depending on what your role is.  Employees expect flexibility and efficiency in how they perform their jobs (usually around the tools they are provided to do so), and we’re sure that you are seeing these shifts in attitudes.  That’s why you’re here.

We could go on for hours about WHAT key factors are precipitating these shifts, but that’s NOT why you are here.  The reasons, at the end of the day, are irrelevant.  What’s relevant is HOW DO WE GET THERE – AND SURVIVE?

Want to know how to survive change?

(With your sanity intact?)

Who is agilify?

4 experts in their respective fields, with a combined 80+ years of experience, agilify partners Michael Greaves, Lena Ross, Rob Dell, and Adrian Amore decided in late 2017 to see how they could change the way clients look at the shift to the modern workplace.  Too many times, they've seen projects blow out or go awry when the elements main elements of PEOPLE + SPACE + TECHNOLOGY remain siloed and a non-holistic approach is taken.

Read more about the individual partners of agilify and their career backgrounds at  

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