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Understanding How Individuals Work In Their Current State Is Pivotal in How They Adapt To Modern Ways of Working


  • Everyone works in their own unique way
  • Motivated by different factors
  • Typically IT changes are not communicated
  • Current systems are not taken into account


Why are these issues concerning?

  • Disengagement in Australian business is costing over $7B per annum.
  • 30% of change initiatives fail due to lack of user engagement, making personas/user profiling an integral part of change process

Ideal Solution

  • All users embracing the tech as intended
  • Users daily work flows are changing and are more effective and efficient
  • Happier workforce equals happier customers


Why do you need this?

We help users understand the benefits of the change through user profiling – what might benefit one user, might be irrelevant to another user.

Desired Outcomes

  • Understand What’s In It For Me
  • Structured training persona
  • Current ways of working shift to modern ways of working


Proof is in the pudding:

  • Staff satisfaction levels increase by 23%
  • Product consumption increases by 30%
  • Reduction in emails by 55%

Microsoft Teams/Skype For Business USER PROFILING

Profiling Your Users Gives you a Far Greater Understanding On How You Will Take Them On Their Journey From Current State to Future State.

Communicate the WHY

Communicating the change and the Why behind it is a key fundamental to successful change.

  • WIIFM – What’s In It For Me
  • Support
  • Milestones/Timeframes
  • Impact

Set the Expectations

Profiling ensures that the user knows how it’s going to happen.

  • Open communication channels
  • Transparency
  • Culture

Embed Future State

Ensure that we are constantly gauging and measuring.

  • Forever Training
  • Training Resources (videos and how to guides, etc)
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Encourage Feedback

“I am impressed. The trainers have a natural ability to interact with people and read them, and therefore deliver better outcomes.”

~ Dave Carroll, Adelaide City Council

IComm User Profiling + Microsoft Teams/Skype For Business

User Profiling ensures a far more successful consumption and adoption rate within the Microsoft Office 365 products.


Solution Alignment

IComm User Profiling = Understanding How Individuals Work

Individuals are motivated by different factors, have different learning styles, and have different requirements to perform their roles. These factors affect all aspects of change.

IComm User Profiling = Communicating the Change

Two-way communication through profiling/building personas build a sense of trust between staff and the organization.

IComm User Profiling = User/Staff ROI

When you understand your users’ personas, your staff engagement increases, and rate of churn reduces.

“This is the first time that IT have taken an interest in people. This is fantastic.”

~ surveyed staff member, City of Burnside

“The feedback we’ve had from staff around this new solution has been fantastic. The way we measure that is around adoption. So we actually see the number of increased calls, the number of chat messages, the number of group collaboration sessions, they increased significantly.”

~ Martin Longley, MYOB

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