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Ensure your network can handle real-time traffic & provide appropriate quality for voice & video


  • Unknown network performance
  • Identifying network path
  • Understanding capacity


Functionality RELIES on the network connection between the environment and Office 365.

Concurrent voice and video traffic that traverses this connection REQUIRES good quality.

Ideal Solution

Assurance that the existing network/infrastructure can handle the level of traffic that is needed for optimal performance.

Needed because without understanding the existing infrastructure, results could be:

  • Poor call quality
  • Pixelated, lagging video (poor video quality)

Desired Outcomes

In order to ensure that you get good voice and video quality on your existing network, performing a prior assessment is key to a successful deployment.


Deployments that have not included a network assessment have resulted in the following:

  • Project delays
  • Poor adoption
  • Customer dissatisfaction


Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business Network Assessment


The Network Assessment Ensures Optimum Voice and Video Quality to Enhance the Adoption of Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business.


Establish Network Performance

Baseline Your Existing IP Network

  • Assess network with audio and video traffic
  • Run assessment for period of 7 days


Identify Network Path

Know How Your Traffic Gets To Office 365

  • Identify nearest Office 365 POP
  • Assessment will document traffic flow to Office 365 POP


Understand Capacity

Identify Concurrent Voice and Video Load

  • Each assessment can be tailored to concurrent voice and video conversations
  • Reports show whether concurrent workloads will meet the network requirements


Network quality and connectivity to the cloud are critical when implementing a modern workplace solution leveraging the Office 365 cloud.

IComm NETWORK ASSESSMENT + Microsoft Teams/Skype For Business

Network quality and connectivity to the cloud are critical when implementing a modern workplace solution in the Office 365 cloud. IComm uses an automated network readiness assessment and testing solution.


IComm Network Assessment = Understanding Network Performance

Understanding what traffic is on your network will determine if good voice and video quality is possible.


IComm Network Assessment = Understanding Network Path

Ensures that you prioritise the appropriate traffic on the appropriate link.


IComm Network Assessment = Understanding Network Capacity

Ensures that you can have the appropriate amount of audio and video calls on a particular site.

For more information on how we can help you ensure that your voice and video calls have the best quality possible, talk to the IComm team.

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