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Transforming to The Modern Workplace Requires a Solid Strategy


  • People
  • Space
  • Technology


Why the trifecta of fundamentals?

  • Disengagement in Australian business is costing over $7B per annum.
  • 70% of change initiatives fail, 30% due to lack of user engagement

Ideal Solution

Connecting all three fundamentals of the Modern Workplace in a cohesive strategy: People + Space + Technology

Needed because:

  • Current inefficiencies
  • Staff churn rate/turnover
  • Inability to offer flexible working
  • Inefficiently used space ($$$)

Desired Outcomes

All three Modern Workplace fundamentals working in harmony so that: people are connected, collaboration is the norm, and the technology works.

What costs businesses the most?

  • Inability to retain/attract talent
  • Inability to increase efficiency
  • Inability to ensure flexible work environment

Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business MODERN WORKPLACE STRATEGY

The Key Fundamentals to the Modern Workplace are People + Space + Technology


Engage Your Employees

  • Work more effectively & efficiently
  • Collaboration is easy
  • Communicate why the Modern Workplace will make their jobs more enjoyable


Ensure the Space is Dynamic

  • Make workspace agile
  • Encourage innovation
  • Create multiple spaces for various situations


Easy to Use and Just Work

  • Provide the ability to collaborate
  • Click to join
  • Consistent across all spaces and devices

“We deliver a differentiated experience much more relevant to the Future of Work, Workplace and Workers; the integration of all internal elements is key, and we’re empowered to shape the experience within MYOB.”

~ Martin Longley, MYOB

IComm MODERN WORKPLACE STRATEGY + Microsoft Teams/Skype For Business

Getting the best results out of your Modern Workplace Transformation relies on the integration of People + Space + Technology


Solution Alignment

IComm Modern Workplace Strategy = People Are Engaged

When people are engaged, adoption increases, staff retention is higher, efficiencies and productivity improve, and staff satisfaction levels are greatly increased.

IComm Modern Workplace Strategy = Space is Dynamic & Agile

When the space is dynamic and agile, people are excited to use it, and a more collaborative approach is adopted by the organisation.

IComm Modern Workplace Strategy = Technology Just Works

Technology must be seamless for the people, must offer flexibility, and work the first time.

“Our goal with implementing the Modern Workplace was about creating a cohesive environment across all of our rooms, spaces, and desktops.”

“Being disrupted and our consequent move to the Modern Workplace was the best thing that ever happened to us as an organisation. Our staff engagement levels are higher than they’ve ever been.”

~ Martin Longley, MYOB

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