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5 important considerations for implementing change in your organisation

May 24, 2023 | by Adrian Amore

Can I start by saying, don’t expect a change to just work.

Taxes, Christmas, Falling asleep on the couch after a big meal, and change.

All things that are inevitable in life…

Change is required for businesses to adapt, innovate and stay ahead.

In the Modern Work era we live in, it’s more crucial every day for businesses to adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the competition. However, change is not easy, and many companies struggle with implementing new initiatives easily and effectively. 

Change is often challenging to implement for many businesses and organisations.

There are many reasons for this, but I want to talk about one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle… Change sponsors.

A change sponsor/advocate is an individual or a group of individuals who support and promote the change within your business. 

A ‘Change Sponsor’ can help you implement changes successfully.

They are responsible for communicating a vision for the change, arranging the appropriate resources, and making sure the change is implemented successfully. They don’t always have to be a senior member of the business. They don’t have to be a particular role within the org structure. Anyone can be a change sponsor if they are dedicated to the change and to its success.

Over the years I’ve seen many change sponsors across different industries and change initiatives, and typical of every change, choosing a sponsor isn’t always an easy task. I can’t give you the ‘silver bullet’, or hard and fast rules to guarantee success, but what I can give you is a checklist of 5 key qualities and responsibilities your change sponsor will ultimately display and own.

5 important considerations for implementing change in your organisation

1. Leadership

One of the most critical roles of a change sponsor is to provide leadership. They are responsible for creating a clear and compelling vision for the change, which will inspire and encourage others to get on board. They need be able to communicate the benefits of the change and how it aligns with the business’ overall strategy.

2. Resourcing

Change often requires a lot of resources including time, money, and people. A change sponsor is responsible for securing these resources to ensure the change is successful. They must be able to make a compelling case to stakeholders to allocate the resources required to make the change happen efficiently.

3. Advocacy

A change sponsor must be a strong advocate for the change. They must be able to champion the initiative and demonstrate the importance of the change to their colleagues and peers. This involves engaging stakeholders, building relationships, gathering feedback and responding to any questions or challenges that may arise.

4. Risk Management

Change always often involves risk, and your sponsor must be able to manage these risks effectively. This involves identifying potential risks, developing risk management strategies, and monitoring progress to ensure that risks are mitigated or eliminated.

5. Change Implementation

In the end, the success of a change initiative depends on how well the change was managed and deployed overall. The change sponsor must be able to be involved in the implementation from start to finish, ensuring that the change is rolled out in a timely manner. They should help the project team monitor progress, adjust plans as necessary, and ensure that the change is embedded into the organisation’s culture.

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list.

Don’t be afraid to get help, contact us for Change Management support.

If it was that simple, I’d have just given you the blueprint and there would be nothing for our Training & Adoption team to do. If you agree on making the change, its imperative that you agree on what it will take to make the change as successful as possible. 

A successful change needs advocates or sponsors to rally around the initiative, the 5 points above.  Ask yourselves “ What do we need to do to make this change stick?” 

About The Author

Adrian Amore

Adrian Amore

Adrian is the Operations Manager and owner of IComm with a passion for people, technology, fast cars and coffee. A dedicated leader and a respected mentor, he is driven to see his people and his customers achieve the best success they can.

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May 24, 2023 | by Adrian Amore

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