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Billy’s View – The IComm Culture

June 11, 2019 | by Justin O'Meara

The Culture Club: How to Win at Footy and Work

They say culture is the key ingredient to the success of any sporting organisation.  Just think about how many times you hear a football team talk about its culture and values, and link these back to why they win games.

In many ways, workplaces have a lot in common with sporting organisations.  They both have teams of players that are working together to reach a common goal, which, let's be honest, is winning.

They say company culture - made up of the company mission, values, ethics, expectations, and goals - is the personality of a company, and what defines the environment in which the employees work.

After working at IComm for over 15 years I think it's fair to say that I have a good handle on our company culture, why it’s important, and why it makes it a good place to be. But for those who might not know, you might ask "what is IComm’s culture and why is it important?"


Core Values - At The Heart

To describe our culture is to start with our core values.  These are the values that we live and breathe, which work to ensure that we deliver the best products and services to our clients:

  • Innovation starts with reflection.
  • Embrace change as the only constant.
  • Accountability is clear and passionate.
  • Work and win in teams.
  • Build our reputation through action.
  • Understand and respect our clients.


Change is Most Relevant

The IComm business has evolved many times over the last 18 years, so our value of "embrace change as the only constant" feels most relevant to me. Technology has changed, new products and services have emerged, and the office environment and how we work has also shifted.


Recognition Where It's Due

Central to our culture is the fact that IComm gives recognition where recognition is due. Every quarter each staff member is asked to vote for the person they believe has best represented the IComm values.  This works to keep our values at the forefront of our minds and is a great way to show colleagues how much they are valued.  This recognition is known as Walk the Talk.

Walk the Talk is reflective of the fact that IComm’s culture is built on the back of good people.  Our management leads the way by providing an environment where staff can develop and show case their skills.

The business invests in the people and this helps to ensure that we believe in what we deliver, and what we deliver is tested in our office before we deliver it anywhere else.


We Are A Social Bunch at IComm

Our Social Club is equally as important, scheduling events during the year like International Food Day, Colour Fun Run, Murder Mystery party, and the odd BBQ to name just a few. This ensures that we also take the time to enjoy each other’s company and have a laugh.


Everyone Plays Their Part

As an Account Director at IComm, I can assure you that there is never a dull moment in the sales department, with plenty of banter (example: Collingwood losing another Grand Final ;-p).  In all seriousness, though, the sales team within the wider IComm team is strong and I know that I can always lean upon my teammates for advice or ideas.

Every IComm employee feels like a key part of the IComm team and culture, and this motivates us all to contribute to the company's success. While some might think they are the Michael Jordan of the IComm team, the truth is we all play our part.


This is our Team. This is our Culture!

About The Author

Justin O'Meara

Justin O'Meara

Justin is a skilled Technical Consultant and Lead Design Engineer with expertise in unified communications spanning over 15 years. He is passionate about digging deep into an organisation’s communications challenges and delivering effective pre-sales consultation, design & architecture, and deployment strategies to achieve a seamless integration of compelling solutions. As a senior member within IComm’s executive team, his position is the Head of Technical Pre-Sales and Lead Design Engineer. His close relationships with our clients’ and their IT teams are paramount in ensuring that ongoing consultancy, adoption strategies, and support services are executed at all times. Connect with Justin on LinkedIn.

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June 11, 2019 | by Justin O'Meara

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