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Halcyon is Helping Anglicare Victoria

December 6, 2018 | by Justin O'Meara

Helping Them Better Service The Community

Anglicare Victoria went through a due diligence process to find a unified communications solution that would best fit how they work. They also needed to ensure that the not-for-profit organisation was being fiscally smart: multiple employees spread out across the state over 35 sites, needing access to work remotely and not being tied to a desk, and requiring collaborative tools to help them be more efficient, and essentially, be better equipped to service the thousands of Victorian families and individuals they help every year.

For them, Skype for Business was the logical choice. And Halcyon Change Management was pivotal to the success of the five roll-outs that have already occurred, with 30 more sites waiting patiently in the wings.

Said Dean Mills: “Change management is probably one of the most important things that need to be undertaken, effectively, when you’re going through a large implementation. There’s people, process, and technology.”

Watch the IComm case study video to see all the benefits they’ve seen so far, and what they did to ensure they’re seeing top adoption across the board.


Dean Mills: “We’re a youth and family services organisation, that provides support to the disadvantaged or the vulnerable in the communities, the young people, adults, and their families.”

“Predominantly we’re an organisation where we have mobile workers”

Erin Hokin: “We’re well spanned across the whole state in terms of geography. It’s very rural and some are remote, so that would be useful for them to talk with their staff or their program managers or team leaders through out the whole day.”

David Giles: “Attending meetings via the phone, the old school kind of way, it’s not really conducive to good cooperation, working together.”

Billy Colosimo: “Anglicare Victoria is the perfect example of a customer that can gain a number of business benefits from the Skype for Business platform. They have a number of employees working over 35 sites, and not only does it enable them to work from anywhere, but it also allows them to communicate with a number of other Anglicare staff as if they’re in the same office.”

Dean Mills: “We went through a due diligence process to understand what type of unified communications platforms are out there in the marketplace. And based on our enterprise architecture, Skype For Business was the logical choice.”

Billy Colosimo: “Not only did the Halcyon Change Management program help Anglicare staff understand the reasons why Anglicare Victoria were making the move to the new platform, but it also helped each individual user understand the business benefits and what was in it for them.”

David Giles: “The video conferencing function is really excellent. It’s as good as meeting face to face for my purposes.”

Yvonne Tunley: “I really like the headset part of it, because I can type and work at the same time as I’m talking on the phone. I also use a lot of the collaboration tools, so screen sharing and that sort of thing.”

“It’s just so much easier – the whole concept of having your phone attached to your computer means that you’re pretty much mobile no matter where you go.”

Dean Mills: “Change management is probably one of the most important things that need to be undertaken, effectively, when you’re going through a large implementation. There’s people, process, and technology.  The technology itself actually works, the processes need to be in place, but we need to have the organisation, our people, ready to embrace the change. And what I saw in the submission from IComm, with Halcyon, it delivered that effective change management.  So we talk about communication, we talk about education, we talk about training, and we talk about being on site at the time of implementation to make sure that by the time the project then moves on to the next site, everybody is comfortable and is utilising the capabilities within the platform, and we’ve seen that in the sites that we’ve done to date.”

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Justin O'Meara

Justin O'Meara

Justin is a skilled Technical Consultant and Lead Design Engineer with expertise in unified communications spanning over 15 years. He is passionate about digging deep into an organisation’s communications challenges and delivering effective pre-sales consultation, design & architecture, and deployment strategies to achieve a seamless integration of compelling solutions. As a senior member within IComm’s executive team, his position is the Head of Technical Pre-Sales and Lead Design Engineer. His close relationships with our clients’ and their IT teams are paramount in ensuring that ongoing consultancy, adoption strategies, and support services are executed at all times. Connect with Justin on LinkedIn.

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December 6, 2018 | by Justin O'Meara

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