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Halcyon Is With You Every Step of the Way

May 3, 2017 | by Adrian Amore

Change forever continues to be a part of life, both in business and at home. People must tolerate more change than ever before, and while some accept it and thrive, others are challenged by it and struggle.

In business, a change happens to improve and/or remedy something that needs improving. The desired outcome for business is to get a better result for employees, external parties, processes and / or the bottom line.  To achieve this business outcome however, it’s the individuals within a business that need to accept the change for it to be successful. Change management is about people at an individual level. 

Change management oversees the varying impact of change within business. It addresses why the change is taking place and what the impact will be on the business, employees, stakeholders and customers. Change management considers any internal or external influences that could potentially affect the desired result of the change. 

One major type of change that is ongoing within business is technology. Business relies on technology, but it relies heavily on its people as well. Business technology and employees need to work hand in hand to achieve the ultimate outcomes. Change management also needs to look at what other changes are taking place at the same time, how they are being managed and how they might impact on other change projects. As much risk as possible needs to mitigated in order to take users from current state to future state.

IComm’s change management originally known as Adoption Essentials has been re-branded to Halcyon. The name comes from the term halcyon days which are a period of calm, tranquillity and prosperity.  We have taken that ethos and applied it to the people within an organisation.  The methodology behind it aims to calm the people and is designed to make the change as tranquil as possible by nurturing reassurance (via communications), by listening, and by treating people differently based on what works best for those individuals.  Once achieved, it brings excitement and positivity into the workplace.

Halcyon helps customers increase adoption and consumption of new technology. It does this by ensuring both the business and employees understand what the change means for them.

IComm is well known for Forever Training an offering that provides training for the lifetime of an IComm managed customer’s service agreement. Halcyon is designed to complement this offering by working with the customer prior to a project being implemented, throughout the implementation and after the implementation with Forever Training.

It takes a lot of time and effort to choose a new business technology. However, if the technology is not being consumed, the business will not reap the benefits. Halcyon makes the difference by ensuring any organisation can achieve a higher rate of adoption.

Halcyon has grown to become an essential part of any new technology integration project. Our customers are seeing the immediate results which benefit their business, employees, stakeholders and customers. Businesses can rely on Halcyon to continually evolve to meet the demands of change.

About The Author

Adrian Amore

Adrian Amore

Adrian Amore has over 25 years experience in IT and is one of IComm's founding partners. With over 18 years in the business, he is our Director of Services and more recently, certified as a Change Management Practitioner and heading up the IComm Change Management practice, Halcyon.

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May 3, 2017 | by Adrian Amore

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