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Posts by Adrian Amore

Attention Executives: Lead the Change Charge or Risk Failure

While many things have evolved in the world of change management over the past few decades, one thing has remained constant – executives must be the ones leading the charge. When undergoing any organisational change initiative, key contributors to the success of the change is the executive level. Given their influential role in making a…

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Taking on Negativity Bias in Change Management

What causes us to resist change? Besides the fact that change means something new; something that we may have to learn; something that may interfere with our day to day; something we have to build it in to our schedule. We can’t deny that as individuals we would think all these things and more. Even if deep…

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Halcyon is Helping Anglicare Victoria

Helping Them Better Service The Community Anglicare Victoria went through a due diligence process to find a unified communications solution that would best fit how they work. They also needed to ensure that the not-for-profit organisation was being fiscally smart: multiple employees spread out across the state over 35 sites, needing access to work remotely…

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Listen With Both Ears

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” Epictetus People are social creatures and tend to share stories to connect with others. We draw on experiences, express feelings and opinions and generally find common ground to encourage conversation. But while we’re great at sharing, listening is…

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Halcyon: Ensuring Successful Change Management

When it comes to adopting new ways of working, both tech-related and not, organisations can go through numerous struggles to get changes fully adopted by all users, and this can lead to failure of change. Halcyon aims to revolutionise change in order to help organisations adopt new ways of work, with or without technology. Halcyon…

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How Can You Maximise Your Unified Communications System?

For all the value that unified communications systems can deliver, a quick, positive return on investment is not always guaranteed. While the vast majority of companies that embrace unified communications see significant gains almost immediately, some are disappointed by the short-term results. There are a number of reasons why organisations may experience these shortcomings, and…

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Why Do Most Organisational Change Efforts Fail?

And WHAT Can We Do About It? After helping many organisations achieve their change objectives I have spent considerable time talking with HR managers and IT departments about previous change management efforts. Through this process I have heard about all the failed attempts and the general consensus has been that previous change failed because of…

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