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At the heart of it, communication is about people interacting with one another. IComm is a specialist communications company located in Melbourne. Our mission is to help people communicate. IComm is dedicated in providing open, easy and flexible voice, data and mobility solutions and services.
The outcome for our clients is that they have communications that enhance their businesses and lives – while we ensure the underlying technology works seamlessly in the background.

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Our Help Desk is highly skilled and provides a single point of contact. Our Help Desk is not measured on calls taken, and time on calls, but rather 1st call resolution and customer satisfaction. Our Team understands Voice and Data. We continuously invest in


IComm has chosen and continues to choose its partners with consistent criteria. IComm’s partners must reflect, enhance and complement our future roadmap. Our partners must be world class, and leaders in the products and services that they offer.


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IComm can assist you with a wide variety of additional and peripheral equipment for your business