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Halcyon Change Management by IComm

Australia's leading change management service.

Halcyon Change Management by IComm

For 18 years IComm have provided leading edge technology solutions. Whilst the technology is rich in features and capability, we soon realised that for our customers to get the best outcome, there was a missing piece. An adoption strategy? A "what's in it for me" play? A shift in behaviour and in some cases culture starting at the Executive Level.

If IComm was going to provide the technology, it was also going to invest in the people - our clients' people.  Halcyon was born as a result in 2015. 

Why Halcyon?

Halcyon bridges the gap between people and technology through: 

  • Key Stakeholder engagement 
  • 2 x way Communications 
  • Champions 
  • Personas 
  • Measurement 

Halcyon, and its team of 3 x APMG certified Change Practitioners have proven that the engagement above results in: 

  • Reduction in emails 
  • Improved Staff Satisfaction 
  • Increased usability and uptake of the chosen solution 
  • Cost Savings
  • Reduced anxiety, stress and fatigue that is normally contributed to change

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