Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the ability for two or more people to communicate real time using visual technology and in the last few years this technology has become common place in many organisations. Millions of organisations that have already started consuming video conferencing solutions are well on their way to becoming next generation workplaces and offer great benefits to their workforce including ‘work for home’ and activity based collaboration facilities.

IComm is one of Australia’s leading unified communications organisations specialising in both the integration and the adoption of video conferencing technology for organisations across Australia.

At the forefront of IComm’s video conferencing technologies is Microsoft Skype for Business. Skype for Business allows users to make a video call to a colleague, a customer or supplier from the desktop or from an integrated room system called Skype for Business Rooms (formerly Lync Room System).


  • Reduction in travel costs – the ability to reduce travel expenditure by using video conferencing technology
  • Increased productivity – video conferencing technology allows dispersed work teams or project teams to communicate and collaborate through the use of technology such as Skype for Business. Video technology ensures participants are more focused, attentive and meetings via video often produce better results and more attentive participants.
  • Meetings run with video and content sharing are much more collaborative and productive.
  • Flexible workforce

IComm have a proven track record in delivering a range of video and collaborative experiences for numerous organisations. We constantly innovate this solution and partner with world-class technology partners such as Polycom and Logitech to design a combination of video conferencing solutions such as small collaboration suites through to large-scale Skype for Business rooms.

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